Hi, I am Brooke Quintero.

I am the short one wearing grey in the middle-ish with the ahhmazing Dr. Jesanna Cooper OBGYN, and her equally ahhmazing Midwives Sheila and Stefanie. We have recently become partners! That means that any Simon Williamson Clinic Mama gets a special discount off their birth package...

Already have prenatal care established somewhere else? No worries! They take transfers at ANY point in your pregnancy. Even Mamas all the way to 39 weeks! Trust me they are amazing and you won't regret it. #maketheswitch ---> I did!

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could have the very first moments with your baby captured to look back on? That first time you held your baby...

  • And what if instead of Daddy taking all the photos he got to be in them?! I personally wanted photos of him cutting our daughters cord.

Well... I can take care of all of that for YOU! All you have to do is have your baby and I will handle capturing your once in a lifetime moments.

Here is a little bit about myself and why I became a B.I.B Certified Birth Story Photographer.

My Husband and I have two beautiful daughters, Ana Sofia and Adalynn Rose. We currently live in Birmingham, Alabama.

We are a God fearing Mommy and Daddy to the cutest little Food Allergy Babies you ever did see. We are probably going to homeschool our kiddos like I was and I try to keep my house clean... but let's be real... I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old.. It is l never clean. Like ever.

I was inspired to become a photographer shortly after the delivery of my oldest daughter, Ana. Due to complications I was unable to remember her birth and most of her first month of life outside my womb. My birth photographer couldn't make it. I mentally missed her birth, first bath...first everything that month. The weight it put on my heart was devastating to say the least. But, my experience showed me the true value in Birth Photography and ignited a passion to capture those precious moments for all the mamas out there.

Our gracious God gave us the job of creating life and every moment of that is precious. Your Birth Story deserves to be captured.

From one Mama to Another,

Thank you

Random Facts about ME!

  • I am a God fearing Woman of faith
  • I have MOM BRAIN like NO OTHER!!!
  • I am married to the guy I fell in love with at age 16.. and now we have 2 beautiful girls!
  • I use WAY too many exclamations, LOL's/Haha's and emojis! (Not sure how to insert an emoji here haha)
  • Cows are my FAVORITE animal. Yes COWS!
  • I am bad about cutting people off... not because I am trying to be rude but my brain just thinks out loud on a regular basis... I don't even realize it until it is too late. This is also why I have TONS of typos... Because my fingers are trying to move at the speed of my brain and they can't keep up. and I hit send BEFORE proof reading.. every dang time. So.. Sorry in advance lol
  • I say Sorry too much... I am a recovering people pleaser lol
  • I had/have PP Psychosis, PP Depression, PP Anxiety, PTSD.. like.. my mental health has been through the ringer. lol
  • All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was to be a Mommy.
  • I have had a Vaginal Birth and a C/S
  • I love anything and everything sentimental!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Holidays and traditions.
  • My house is a disaster 90% of the time.. but my door is always open.. just keep your eyes closed because my 2 toddlers own the place.
  • Messages sent from me are always long as poo diddles. Maybe I just talk too much...

Geez... bored yet? lol Well I am an open book! People say I over share about my life but I am a firm believer that God allows us to go through things and he makes us unique to share with the world what we have learned and how he has used different circumstances for our good. So.. If you ever want to ask me something personal... just ask! I promise it won't be weird. lol

Can't wait to meet you!




““Was absolutely blown away by the talent of Mama Bear photography! She provided us with pictures of our delivery and baby in the hospital that I will treasure forever! She was so friendly and accommodating for a last
Minute arrangement. Couldn’t not ask for a better experience!!””