But, I PROMISE you it really isn't and it works SO good. It is probably our most used baby product outside of the essentials like diapers and wipes etc.. Like we legit still use this on our 2 year old.

Here is a link to more info and pricing!


Okay.. So I know there is a huge controversy right now over the vaccine debate in Cali and Hello Bellos' stance on it.. but hey.. THIS STUFF WORKS. I can't bring politics into what works best with my babies. They went from bloody raw baby butts to healed in almost 24 hours with just one application. We tried E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. It is exclusive to Walmart and all made with all natural ingredients! And did I mention, It WORKS?!

Here is your link!


Um... IDK about you but I have TWO in diapers. Yes.. 2.. lol and their little butts get expensive. We have tried all of the brands.. we like Sams.. Hello Bello.. and even Parents Choice.. but Aldi has them all beat. They don't leak on our 1 year old or our 2 year old and it is only $10.99 for an entire box!! I don't know if you can buy them online.. because I just grab a box every week at the grocery store.. but I am adding a link to their site with all the details on ingredients and everything.

Here you go!


So.. I am weird and like to have "school time" with my babies. lol I know.. weird.. BUT I love this little kit that I got! I even went back dn got the "Teach my Toddler Kit" as Ana got older! The girls love doing their "school work" ...

Pro tip.. Keep it separated from other toys and have a specific time of day to pull it out so the that it stays exciting!

Here is your link!

Nope.. That's not all of it! There is more.


So both Ana and Adalynn had lots of GI issues and this brand worked better than any of the others. It was a legit LIFE SAVER!! It is all organic ingredients!!

Link is right here for ya!


So a friend introduced this product to me and I am forever thankful. It is not the same as Orajel.. It is clove essential oil diluted for babies! The girls love the taste and it really does help them a lot.. We have STRUGGLED to find it here lately. Adalynn has really been needing some so I am thinking we are going to have to order it off amazon... If you Mama's see it anywhere local to Birmingham, Alabama then please let me know!

Here is the Amazon link!


So both of my girls were born in the fall.. which means it was chilly and soon winter was coming. We LOVED our cozy cover. It kept the wind off of them and the rain when it was sprinkling!

Here is the link!


Okay.. So.. for the LONGEST time I feel victim to the sales gimmick of Infant Tylenol. The bottle is tiny. costs twice as much as regular Childrens Tylenol BUT IS THE EXACT SAME. The dosage and ingredient ratio is the exact same. You just pay more for the bottle that is smaller and says "infant" on it. I think it gives you a syringe instead of a cup too but I mean how many syringes do you really need? I was glad to learn this during Ana's teething journey because now I know for Adalynn.

Ask your doctor!

Here is a link to Poison control showing that the dosage is the exact same now.

So I hope that this little bit of info was helpful for you! Stay Tuned for a post on Mama Products!

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