There are many mixed feelings regarding this crazy year we have had...

While it was a total roller coaster and there were many births I was unable to attend .. the ones I was able to document along with the newborn sessions made my entire year. Literally.

I am forever grateful for you allowing me into your Birth space to document your most intimate and sacred moments. Thank you to the families that invited me into your lives to capture your journey. I am beyond grateful for you all.

Being a Birth Photographer has been therapeutic and healing for me. It is a passion that God gave me and called me to do. The joy it brings me to witness you bringing life into the world and being honored to document that victorious moment for you is a part of me that will never cease.

Below you will find a few of my favorite images from your Birth and Newborn stories this year. Narrowing down my favorites from the entire year was NOT easy to say the least and there are so many more that I wanted to include but I don't want you having to read until Christmas 2021! haha

You did it Mama..

The victorious moment after you powered through those contractions.. you roared your baby girl out and finally she's here in your arms with your support team surrounding you.

Birth Photography - Simon Williamson Clinic


That is the only word I think of when I see this photo.. I am not even 100% sure what it is but the beauty of Gods creation and the miracle you just brought into the world.. This image is one of my favorites of the entire year.


You are perfection.. that is all, fierce little one.

Just like your Mama..


Mama.. you blew me away with your strength.. Your 36+ hour birth story was breathtaking and you brought me to tears witnessing your courage and strength.. You are an inspiration.


When we met for our consult you told me that the number one reason you hired a Birth Photographer was to capture Tylers emotions meeting his baby girl..

While there are several of him balling and just in awe of you, your strength and his little girl... I love that I was also able to capture your joy watching the love of your life proudly cutting the cord..

Little Model..

This sweet girl has been photo ready since day one.. It is always so much fun to photograph her as she grows. Thank you for letting me continue documenting your family story as she grows.


I was so happy to know that your friend was right down the hall meeting her little one the same time you were bringing Maisie into the world..

Mom friends are some of the best relationships we will ever have through our journeys.. We were even able to snag a photo of the babes together!

Fearfully and Wonderfully made..

" ... you knit me together in my mothers womb.. "

10 little toes.. God created you with intricate detail.. Every little toe.. your dimples... even every hair on your head.. He made you perfectly in his image.

Psalm 139: 13-14


I have ALWAYS wanted to capture a military family.. Thank you, not only for your service protecting my family but for letting me capture this for you guys. It was a honor and something I have daydreamed of doing ever since I picked up a camera.


This is a beautiful gift from God.. A special bond that only Mama and Baby can share.

Treasure these moments with your little one because we will blink and our babies won't be so little anymore.

This is my favorite nursing photo of my entire career.


I love capturing the little details.. Each one is unique and designed by the almighty creator before we even meet you..

He knew you well before we did and has plans for your journey here beyond what we can even dream..

Sleep peacefully little one... your story is just getting started..

A new chapter..

When I think of your sweet Mama, I think of how we went on trips and spent much time together growing up.

You have an amazing Mama and I am thankful and honored to have been there to capture these precious details of you, little one.

Thank you for letting me be a part of documenting your story, Baylee.

Hi there little one..

You have an amazing journey ahead of you.. Full of adventure.. maybe even as full as your head of hair ;)


This is one of my favorite fatherhood photos of my career. The candid intimacy of a father and his little one is inspiring and breathtaking.. A timeless image that captured true love for a lifetime..


Their little hands wrapped around out finger.. true love.. a bond like no other..

There is something so special about a Mama and her little prince all cuddled up.. you are his safe place.. his hero from the moment he took his first breath.

I hope you treasure this detailed moment of his hand wrapped around yours feeling the warmth of you holding him close. We will blink and our babies won't be so little anymore.


Sweet Lucy.. you took my breath away with your beauty.

Covid may have prevented me from being there to document you meeting your Mama and Daddy but you were photo ready when I came to your home to meet you myself.

This is my favorite newborn image of my career. I love watching your journey unfold and am thankful to be there to document it.

Luke 12:7

Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered...


I talk a lot about the beauty of the details.. The uniqueness of your little nose.. soft skin and hair..

Your sweet Mama holding you gazing down thinking about how much she loves you...

But each one of us is designed in the image of the creator himself and I can't not capture the beauty of it all... You have a fierce and courageous Mama that I have loved getting to know this past year..

Scoop. Prep. Bond. Repeat.

You posted this on Facebook one day and it made my whole day..

Coming from a Mama who didn't get to breastfeed it reminded me that even though Adalynn was on a feeding tube and Ana had special formula in a bottle that I was still having that special bond with my girls when I fed them..

Thank you for encouraging me. Feeding our babies is something that is a special gift and I treasure it. I know you do too.

You are an amazing Mama and I love watching you share your love for your babies and always encouraging other Mamas. You are a blessing to have in my life and many others.

Friends forever..

There is a saying that when you have a brother or sister you will always have a friend..

It is true.. You can't deny the genuine love you see on these faces looking down at their baby brother..

Braxton.. you are so loved and have an amazing family to journey with. You have 2 amazing older siblings to guide you, play with you, teach you, cry with you, laugh with you, and maybe even get in to trouble with ;) .. You sweet boy are blessed beyond measure.

My last one..

This little man was my last newborn for 2020.. I took November and December off to spend time with my family for the holidays.

Thank you little man for being the perfect one to wrap up my year!