Let's be real... Being a brand new mom to a little baby you haven't even met yet can be kind of scary... Okay a lot scary.

I don't know about y'all but when I was pregnant I called my Doctor and I researched Dr. Google all the time. haha Like.. I was obsessed... Asking daily, is this normal? I remember one time specifically I was freaking out because we could hear little bubbles like clicking inside of me. A faint clicking noise... So weird. But anyways... Back to Chiro

Even though in the past I had been a Chiropractic Assistant and we treated Pregnant Mommies all the time, I still asked my OB if it was safe. She gave me the green light to go ahead and said it could actually help me during pregnancy!

So, meet Dr. Mix! He is a Chiropractor serving the City of Trussville, Alabama. I have personally known Dr. Mix for nearly a decade. He is so awesome that he took the time to answer some questions for us to know the details of Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy. So let's dive in!

Dr. Craig Mix, Discover Chiropractic ---- Branding Photo by Brooke Quintero

So, In a nut shell.. What IS Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a gentle and natural healthcare option that many people rely on for effective treatment of common aches and pains because it is much safer than medical options such as drugs, shots and surgeries. As a Chiropractor, Dr. Mix performs adjustments (manipulations) and other treatments to the spine and parts of the body for the purpose of correcting alignment, taking pressure off of irritated nerves, easing pain and supporting the bodies natural ability to heal itself. This is why a Chiropractic adjustment feels good.

Is Chiropractic Care during pregnancy safe for the unborn infants?

Chiropractic care is safe during all stages of pregnancy. Dr. Mix was specifically trained and uses techniques that are gentle, making the expecting Mother and baby comfortable the entire time. And think about this - if an expecting Mother is stressed, her unborn baby is stressed too. When a Mother is happy, her unborn child is happy too. The Mother and baby are intimately connected. Therefore, when a Chiropractic adjustment offers relief to an expecting Mother, making her more comfortable, this also makes the unborn infant more comfortable too. Regular Chiropractic adjustments throughout, can result in a more comfortable pregnancy, less complications and a quicker delivery time.

Trussville, Alabama Pregnancy Chiropractor

Mama getting her hips adjusted!

What can Chiropractic Care be specifically beneficial for during pregnancy?

  • Round Ligament & Sciatica Pain
  • Heart Burn
  • Back Pain
  •  Fatigue
  • Can even help turn a Breech Baby!

A chiropractic adjustment treats all these issues and more. Plus it corrects pelvic alignment and takes pressure off of painful nerves. This relaxes the pelvic ligaments and musculature resulting in less pain for the Mom and more freedom and comfort for the baby to move in the womb.

"Since I started seeing Dr. Mix during this pregnancy I have noticed a huge relief in overall back and hip pain. There have also been trouble spots that I didn’t notice as much but he was able to take care of with each adjustment." - Amanda

Chiro Care Trussville Alabama

The table adjusts so that Mamas Belly can safely and comfortably rest in the opening.

So.. Now that you've gotten all the details from Dr. Mix about Chiro Care during pregnancy... What about after you have the baby?

I asked Dr. Mix how soon a Mama can come back and if it was safe to have a newborn adjusted too! Here is what he had to say:

"It's exhausting being a new Mom, but anytime she can find the time for herself would be fine. An early PP adjustment will help the Mother recover, heal and feel comfortable so she can rest better."

"YES! It is safe to bring a newborn for an adjustment. Honestly, the sooner the better. Studies prove 80% of babies born have "subluxations" (irritated nerves) in their upper neck. If these subluxations go uncorrected the baby is more likely to have fussiness, ear infections, unexplained crying or digestive issues."

-Dr. Mix

I actually took my youngest daughter to Dr. Mix to be adjusted when she was a newborn. She was stuck when I gave birth to her. Her shoulder was hurt from the trauma of Birth and pushing for so long. After a few visits she was already SO MUCH better!

(You can read my Birth Story here)

Well a HUGE thank you to Amanda and Dr. Mix for helping me create this post for the Mamas in our Community! I hope this helped answer some of your questions and concerns. If you are local to the Trussville area then I highly recommend you give Dr. Mix a call! (205) 661-6600